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Meet Dr. Norm Geller!

Dr. Norm Geller has been helping children, adults, and families through assessments, evaluation, and educational program planning for over 35 years.  He received his Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University and his Masters degree from Vanderbilt University.  He specializes in learning disabilities, ADHD, autism and psycho-educational assessment.  Dr. Geller also completed training with the Virginia Leadership in  Education and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities  program (VA-LEND) at VCU. In addition to assessment, Dr. Geller is an international independent trainer providing professional development workshops on the ADOS-2.


Dr. Geller holds appointments at both Virginia Commonwealth University in the School of Education and the University of Richmond T.C. Williams School of Law.  He has worked on specialized assessment teams at the Virginia Treatment Center for Children at VCU Health Systems specializing in ADHD, mood disorders and autism.He has provided ADOS-2 training for the states of Delaware, Maryland, Kentucky, Louisiana,Texas, and Virginia. Virtual trainings have included participants from across the USA, such as California, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, Vermont, Arizona,North Carolina, Texas, Delaware, Maryland, Wyoming, Wisconson and Minnesota.  Participants have also included Australia, Pakistan, and Pakistan.


Dr. Geller's Guiding Philosophy:

" I believe that each and every child has the capacity to lead a happy, fulfilling life.  However, some children might need a bit more assistance in finding their path.  It is our responsibility as caring adults to ensure that children are given the opportunity to thrive.  


I view  every child as a unique individual. I make it my personal goal to help them and those surrounding them find the path that bests meets their needs.  


Each path looks different.  Each child has a different history.  Each child operates within a different environment.  Each child has a different story to tell.


Therefore I do not take any shortcuts.  Regardless of the child's past, we can work together to brighten his or her future. 



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